Rules and Regulations at IMG Worlds of Adventure

Rules At IMG World Of Adventure

IMG World of Adventures is one of the best weekend getaways for all families and tourist groups. It’s a significant tourist attraction in Dubai. It attracts many visitors annually, and the park is sprawling with people mainly because of thrilling and adventurous rides and entertainment zones along with world-class restaurants serving lip-smacking cuisines from all across the world.

Access Guide

IMG World Dubai wants to ensure that all its visitors can have the same experience as the others. Thus, the authorities have a set of “Rules of IMG World of Adventure” that every visitor must go through before visiting the park for a smooth experience. Park has specific guidelines for all visitors, including the disabled one. Therefore, parking facilities are in place for the disabled population and can be available upon arrival. Similarly, for a better experience and hassle-free visit to the IMG Dubai, wheelchair facilities are in place.

IMG Dubai has ensured the restroom facilities are in place and hygiene conditions have been maintained for all the visitors. Special arrangements are in place for our disabled guests in both the male and female restrooms, so they don't have to face any problems. All other essential facilities are also in place for our guests.

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Attractions Restrictions

To ensure the safety of the visitors and guests, authorities have drafted regulations of IMG World of Adventure, which are meant to be followed by every visitor for their safety and a happy trip to the adventure world. Everyone is welcome to the park except the guests under the influence of alcohol or toxins because any kind of ruckus and discomfort to other visitors of the park is unacceptable.

To avoid any kind of unprecedented medical condition at the park, it is advisable for visitors with medical histories or who are in a poor state of health to plan their trips wisely. Also, guests who have undergone painful surgery or any other operation recently should avoid taking rides at the park because the vigorous motion of rides can deteriorate their condition and cause further complications.

Parents shouldn’t carry their babies in their arms or laps when riding

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Disabled Guide

Every guest is respected at IMG World Dubai and for a great experience for our disabled guests, have specific rules of IMG World of Adventure which should be followed for the betterment of everyone.There are specifically designated seats on every ride for disabled visitors. One should make sure that they are being seated in the assigned seat only along with a caretaker.In case of an emergency, for a smooth evacuation, disabled people sitting on these seats can be evacuated at the earliest without any safety issues.

Guests should be able to keep themselves in control. They should have control over their spinal and lower back portion of the body because it will help them resist riding movements like bumping and other related movements. Also, it will be appreciable if they can assist themselves while entering or exiting the ride.

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Rides And Updates

Everyone knows that while visiting the park, one is in for a treat of fun rides, and the facilities at IMG World of Adventure are in place for a better and more memorable experience.Multiple rides like Avengers - Flight of the Quinjets, Hulk - Epsilon Base, Spiderman - Doc Ock’s Revenge, Thor Thunder Spin, Adventure Fortress, Dino Carousel, Predator etc, are there in the park to give one can get an experience like no other.

There are certain Rules of IMG world of adventure related to all these rides, whether it might be related to the minimum height criteria or the information about the special effects being used for a cinematic experience. All these guidelines should be followed because IMG World Dubai doesn’t want chaos at the last moment and in case of an emergency evacuation everyone should be able to evacuate unaided and help themselves to a safe spot while taking care of the other guests accompanying them.

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Facilities In IMG Worlds Of Adventure


IMG World of Adventure provides a fundamental amenity in the form of a parking facility, catering to all guests, with a particular focus on accommodating those with disabilities. Specially marked vehicles displaying a special badge are entitled to use designated parking spaces. Given the limited availability of parking slots for disabled visitors, it is imperative that guests adhere to IMG World of Adventure's regulations to ensure equitable access for those in need.

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Experience a stress-free visit to the IMG World of Adventure, as we proudly offer wheelchair services for all our esteemed disabled visitors. At the Guest Relations office, located at IMG Boulevard, you can easily rent wheelchairs for an entire day. Simply submit a 100 AED security deposit, and if needed, feel free to request any assistance during your visit.

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Group Sale

Tourists visiting IMG Dubai World must check out the amazing and cost-effective offers for them before booking tickets online

It is highly recommended that all the groups visiting the park book their IMG Worlds of Adventue tickets in advance. Also, the disable guests inform the authorities in advance and know about access and facilities.

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All the toilet or restroom facilities are well equipped and maintained with the utmost hygiene.

IMG World has restroom facilities for all our disabled guests. The facilities for disabled tourists are available in both male and female restrooms.In case, any assistance is required, then it is available in the family bathrooms.

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First Aid

To avoid any point of failure while hosting the guest, IMG World of Adventures has all the first aid facilities within its campus.

In an emergency one can visit the Guest Relations,Lost Valley, where the medical team will assist and provide the best medicare facilities which are available 24x7.

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Accessibilities In IMG Worlds of Adventure

  • Visitors with disabilities will be provided only 2 wrist bands upon entrance to the park as mentioned under the Rules of IMG Worlds of Adventures.
  • Care must pay the total price and adhere to other guidelines.
  • All the guest with disabilities will enjoy a smooth VIP access to all the rides and attraction by showing Person of Disability ID card at Guest Relations counter
  • Special discount of 50% will be applicable for the guests who will show their Person of Disability ID at the counter
  • Facilities at the park also include wheelchairs on a first-come, first-served basis and 100 AED deposit.
  • If you’ve got a visible disability, don’t require a POD. All the facilities can be availed by showing your regular ID and the discount mentioned can be availed too with the same ID.

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Why You Should Visit IMG World Of Adventure?

  • One of its kind adventure park for all age groups with all the exciting rides, attraction and restaurants spread across a huge campus
  • All the marvel and fans of superhero series fans are in for a treat. Multiple rides and restaurants at IMG World are themes around them.
  • A big catalogue of amazing rides, haunted house and other fun filled activities are waiting for one in one place
  • One of the best family getaways in Dubai. A family can have memories for lifetime while visiting IMG Park
  • Under the well framed regulations of IMG World Of Adventures, the needs of the visitors are being taken care of for tension free moments and memories
  • Disabled visitors will never feel out of place because of the special arrangements done by the authorities
  • From the parking facility to the first aid box, everything is available on the campus of IMG World to facilitate the visitors.
  • Don’t miss out on special IMG world offers for the travel groups and arrangements are in place for the advance & seamless booking. One can avail the offers if tickets are booked on time.
  • Some special offers for the disabled group are also there and they can avail them upon the presentation of the Person of Disability card.

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FAQ's of IMG Worlds of Adventure

What are the opening hours of IMG Worlds Of Adventure?

IMG Worlds opening hours are similar for both the weekday and weekends

Weekdays ( Monday to Thursday : 12:00 PM - 10:00 PM)

Weekends ( Friday to Sunday : 12:00 PM - 11:00 PM)

Which are the general points to be remembered while visiting IMG World of Dubai?

There are certain rules of IMG World of Adventure. It’s recommended that you follow them while visiting IMG Park. In addition, there is multiple IMG World Of Adventure regulations related to disabled people, parking facilities, photography, dress code, etc. Do visit the official website for more information.

What are the age restrictions to visit IMG Worlds Of Adventure?

There’s as such no age restrictions to visit the IMG Worlds of Adventure. However, there are some restrictions for particular rides and attractions where an adult must accompany children below 12 years of an adult. Also, babies are not allowed on rides because of vigorous motions of the ride.

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How many rides are available at IMG Dubai?

There are a plethora of rides to choose from. The park has some rides based on Marvel theme; on the other hand, there are some on Cartoon Network themes. All in all one can choose any ride according to their wish and desire.

How many zones are there in IMG Worlds Of Adventure?

IMG Worlds of Adventure have multiple themes concurrently; now, the IMG park has Marvel theme zone, cartoon network zone, lost valley, Kids Zone, The Haunted Hotel and IMG Boulevard zone, Facilities at IMG World of Adventure makes it easy to explore every zone.

What is the best time to visit the IMG Worlds of Adventure?

IMG Worlds of Adventures is located at E311, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, City of Arabia - Dubai - United Arab Emirates.

One can visit the park by using any mode of transport. They can either use their own means of transportation as the facilities at IMG World of adventure has parking facility or public transport is also a very good option like metro,bus,etc.


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