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Highlights of The IMG Tickets

  • With the IMG World tickets, explore the thrilling rides of the Marvel Zone, including the Spider-Man Doc Ock's Revenge, Avengers Flight of the Quinjets, and Thor Thunder Spin.
  • Get a chance to take a tour of the entire IMG World and its seven adventure zones- Marvel, Lost Valley, Cartoon Network, IMG Boulevard, The Haunted Hotel, IMG Kids Zone, Novo Cinemas. 
  • Embark on a prehistoric adventure with the Lost Valley Dinosaur Adventure, featuring rides such as The Velociraptor, Predator, and Forbidden Territory.
  • Step into the world of your favourite IMG cartoon characters in the Cartoon Network Zone, with IMG Worlds of Adventure rides like The Powerpuff Girls Mojo Jojo's Robot Rampage and Adventure Time.
  • Experience the ultimate adrenaline rush with the haunted attractions of IMG Boulevard, including the Haunted Hotel and the live-action adventure, the IMG World of Legends.
  • Encounter creepy creatures and horrifying scenes as you navigate through a maze of terror and horror at The Haunted Hotel in IMG World of Adventure.
  • Enjoy a unique cinematic experience with the world's first 12-seater screen and ultra-modern sound and light technology at Novo Cinemas in IMG World of Adventure Dubai. 

Inclusions of the IMG ticket: 

  • Entry to the IMG World of Adventure
  • Access to the various attractions of the IMG World
  • Access to the various rides of the IMG World
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IMG Worlds of Adventure | Dubai's Largest Theme Park

IMG World of Adventure in Dubai is the world's largest indoor theme park, spanning over 1.5 million square feet. The park is divided into seven adventure zones, each with its own unique theme and attractions. Visitors can book IMG World tickets online to experience the thrill of the rides and attractions, including the Marvel Zone, Lost Valley, Cartoon Network, IMG Boulevard, the Haunted Hotel, IMG Kids Zone, and Novo Cinemas.

The Marvel Zone at IMG World of Adventure is a must-visit for all superhero fans. Visitors can experience thrilling rides and attractions based on their favorite Marvel characters, such as the Hulk, Spider-Man, and Thor. The standout attraction in this zone is the Avengers Battle of Ultron ride, which takes guests on a 3D motion simulator journey through New York City.

The Lost Valley zone is inspired by the prehistoric era, and visitors can step back in time to the age of dinosaurs. The zone features a range of thrilling rides and attractions, including the Velociraptor roller coaster and the Forbidden Territory dark ride, which takes guests on a journey through a lost world of dinosaurs.

Cartoon Network zone is dedicated to the beloved cartoon characters from popular shows such as Ben 10, The Powerpuff Girls, and Adventure Time. The highlight of this zone is the Cartoon Network Blast ride, which takes visitors on a high-speed IMG world roller coaster journey through the world of Cartoon Network.

IMG Boulevard is the central zone of the park and features a variety of entertainment options, including dining, shopping, and attractions. Visitors can enjoy the Haunted Hotel, a spine-tingling experience that takes guests on a tour of a haunted hotel filled with ghosts and ghouls.

The Haunted Hotel is not the only spooky attraction in IMG World of Adventure. The park also has a dedicated Haunted Zone, where visitors can experience other haunted attractions, such as the Haunted Carnival and the Haunted School.

IMG Kids Zone is a must-visit for families with young children. This zone features interactive science exhibits, experiment stations, and hands-on activities for children of all ages. The zone also has a range of rides, including the Velociraptor Junior rollercoaster and the Adventure Fortress play area.

Finally, Novo Cinemas is a zone dedicated to the ultimate cinema experience. Visitors can relax and watch the latest blockbuster movies in comfort and style. The cinema at IMG World also features VIP seating and a range of dining options.

In conclusion, IMG World of Adventure in Dubai is a world-class indoor theme park with something for everyone. Visitors can book IMG World Dubai tickets online to experience the thrill of the rides and attractions in each of the seven adventure zones. With its wide range of entertainment options, book your IMG World of Adventure tickets to have a fun-filled day out with family and friends.

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  • 24/7 customer support: Our dedicated customer support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any queries or issues you may have regarding your booking.

So, why wait? Book your IMG Worlds of Adventure tickets with us today and get ready to experience the ultimate entertainment destination in Dubai!

Zones in IMG World of Adventure

  • Explore the Marvel Universe with several rides and attractions themed after your favorite Marvel SuperHero character.
  • Visualize the Marvel-themed experience more realistically through attractions, such as Avengers Battle of Ultron, Hulk Epsilon Base 3D, Spider-Man Doc Ock's Revenge, Thor Thunder Spin, and Avengers Flight of the Quinjets.
  • Get your hands on your favorite Marvel products at the numerous retail shops like Marvel Universe, Empire News and Comics, and Marvel Vault, present in the Marvel Zone.
  • Attend the meet and greet sessions, where all marvel fans can interact with each other.
  • Dine at Chang's Golden Dragon or Tony Stark's for some delicious treat.

Detailed about : Marvel at IMG Worlds of Adventure

Lost Valley
  • Explore Lost Valley to get transported to the land of the Dinosaurs, one of the most beloved but frightening animals in human history.
  • The ancient Dinosaur zone comes to life with adrenaline-pumping thrills like The Velociraptor, Predator, and Dino Carousel with IMG World tickets.
  • Experience the Lost Valley dinosaur adventure throughout while exploring the Adventure Fortress and Forbidden Territory.
  • Get the most out of your Dinosaur zone experiences by dining at the Spice Valley, Carnivore Hut, or 360 Express.
  • Shop for some rare treasures at The Explorer's Supply or the Raptor Outpost to take back home a memento of your trip.

Detailed about: Lost Valley at IMG World Dubai

Cartoon Network
  • Take in the sights and sounds of your favorite cartoon characters and heroes at Cartoon Network Zone, included in your IMG fast track tickets.
  • See the worlds of Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10, and Finn & Jake come to life with rides like Mojo Jojo’s Robot Rampage, 5D Hero Time, and Adventure Time.
  • Bring a smile to your face as you explore the Amazing World of Gumball and LazyTown full of exciting and fun-filled experiences.
  • Check out CN Feast, Mr Smoothy, Finn & Jake's, or Richard's Around the World Café for some excellent smoothies, burritos, and quick snacks.
  • Find the best CN products to take back home at The Cartoon Network Classics, Cartoon Network Store, Lazy Store, Ben 10 Universe, or The Amazing World of Gumball.

Detailed about: IMG Cartoon Network Zone

IMG Boulevard
  • Have endless fun while exploring interactive attractions, expansive retail establishments, and mouthwatering culinary selections at the park's entrance zone, IMG Boulevard.
  • Enjoy a fascinating combo of leisure and thrills at the Adventure Photography or Haunted Hotel Store.
  • Relax and unwind after a day of fun with a wonderful meal at the Boulevard Gourmet, Flavors of Arabia, or The Coffeehouse.
  • Pamper yourself with exotic flavors at Samosa House, with a tub of tasty popcorn from the Popcorn Factory, or create your own chocolates at the World of Candy.
  • Grab all of your IMG Worlds of Adventure souvenirs and gifts at the IMG Emporium or Courage & Kind store.

Detailed about: IMG Boulevard

The Haunted Hotel
  • Check inside the Haunted Hotel at IMG Worlds of Adventure if you dare to face the deadly horrors.
  • Pass through a confusing labyrinth of corridors and ominous backdrops as you face off against all kinds of spooky characters.
  • Maintain your composure as you look for an escape route while taking in the thrilling immersive experiences.
  • Take a piece of the terror back home with you and scare your loved ones with a Spooky Painting from the Haunted Hotel Store.
  • Bring your children above the age of 15 and together you can discover the realm of secrets, ghosts, and fear and share some exciting moments.

Detailed about: The Hunted Hotel at IMG World Dubai

IMG Kids Zone
  • The IMG Kids Zone is a massive inflatable adventure playground where your children with a minimum height of 90 cm will have a blast.
  • The IMG Kids Zone, designed with children in mind, provides a fun and safe environment where they can run around and have a great time.
  • Parents will be able to see their children's faces light up and squeal with delight as they play in a creative area of Kids Zone.
  • The IMG Kids Zone includes climbing walls, a football pitch, slides, and a sweeper game, to name a few exciting features.
  • IMG is ideal for bringing the entire family for a fun-filled day of sensory exploration.

Detailed about: IMG Kids Zone

Novo Cinemas
  • IMG world tickets offer some unique sensory experiences at Novo Cinemas, one of the major movie companies in the Middle East.
  • With more than 5,000 meters of LED strip lighting in custom-made colors, the futuristic, 12-screen multiplex is a perfect spot for some creative light photography.
  • The IMAX® with Laser Experience is a cinephile favorite because of Novo's famed exclusive hospitality.
  • Among the finest pleasures in offer are a private lounge with a gourmet dining menu and butler service, as well as fully reclined leather couches stuffed with pillows and blankets.
  • The IMAX® theater is great for hosting corporate parties and meetings, with 360 seats, wide screen, immersive audio, 12-channel sound, and a 4K laser projection system.

Rides Included in IMG World of Adventure Tickets

Avengers Battle of Ultron

Be a part of The Avengers team and assist Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Captain America, and the Hulk in their mission to fight the notorious villain Ultron in an aerial battle. Play your part and save the day alongside your favorite superheroes with IMG World discount tickets.

  • Min. Height: 1.30m
  • Min. Height if accompanied by an adult: 1.05m
  • Max Height: 2.08m
Spider-Man Doc Ock’s Revenge

Experience the thrill of swinging through the city with Marvel's iconic web-slinger as you battle his archenemy Doctor Octopus to prevent him from stealing the city's energy supply. It's a ride you wouldn't want to miss! 

  • Min Height: 1.20m
  • Min Height if accompanied by an adult: 1.05m
Thor Thunder Spin

Experience an exhilarating physics experiment that will leave you breathless! Prepare to be immersed in a heart-stopping adventure as Thor, the Mighty Avenger, battles the mischievous God of Mischief, Loki, and witness the powerful forces of gravity as you are pinned to your seat.

  • Minimum Height: 1.40m
  • Max Height: 1.95m
The Velociraptor

Get ready for a heart-racing expedition at IMG World Theme Park Dubai that begins in the dense forests of the Lost Valley's Dinosaur Adventure and takes you all the way into the arid desert terrain of Dubai. Brace yourself for an adrenaline-packed journey that's definitely not for the faint-hearted. So, if you think you're up for the challenge, then book your IMG Worlds of Adventure Dubai tickets now. Experience the thrill of a lifetime and create unforgettable memories at this spectacular indoor theme park in Dubai.

  • Min Height: 1.30m

Embark on an exhilarating journey through the Lost Valley, where the IMG World Predator ride awaits to take you on a dinosaur adventure. Brace yourself for the sheer force of gravity as you loop and roll, leading to an adrenaline-fueled, beyond-vertical descent. Remember not to look down!

  • Min Height: 1.25m
Forbidden Territory

Are you ready for a thrilling adventure? Step into the Forbidden Territory IMG Dubai and travel through time to witness life-size dinosaurs, both incredible and fearsome. However, be cautious and don't get too close to these creatures. Are you brave enough to enter The Danger Zone?

  • Min Height: 1.30m
  • Min Height if accompanied by an adult: 1.05m
  • Maximum height: 2.08m
Ben 10 5D Hero Time

Experience an adrenaline-fueled adventure as you join Ben and Rook at Plumber Headquarters for your first day as a Plumber trainee. But beware, villain Khyber The Huntsman is lurking around, making your introduction far from easy. Get fully immersed in Ben's world in this epic multi-sensory adventure and prepare to battle evil while experiencing pulse-racing action.

  • Min Height: 1:30m
The Powerpuff Girls

The city of Townsville is under a serious threat from Mojo Jojo's evil robot creation, and it's time for action! Join forces with the fearless Powerpuff Girls and take to the skies with Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup as they fight to save the world from impending doom before bedtime. Be part of this exciting adventure and help ensure the safety of the city.

  • Min Height: 1.35m
  • Min height if accompanied by an adult: 1.25m
Lazy Town

Enter the world of LazyTown for an interactive adventure filled with climbing, excitement, and other enjoyable experiences! It caters to all ages, and you can learn some dance moves from Stephanie's Dance School or uncover Robbie Rotten's secret hideout! 

  • Lazy Town Treehouse: 1.20m
  • Min Height if accompanied by an Adult (18+): 1.05m
  • Lazy Town Robbie’s Lair: 0.90m
  • Min Height if accompanied by an Adult (18+): below 0.90m
  • Lazy Town Stephanie’s Dance Academy: 1.2m
  • Lazy Town Play: Max Height 1.6m
  • Lazy Town Pirate Adventure: 1.40m (Please note a proper (sporty) shoes is required to enter)
  • Min Height if accompanied by an Adult (18+): 1.25m

Dinosaurium at IMG Worlds of Adventure offers an immersive journey back in time, featuring lifelike animatronic dinosaurs and interactive exhibits. You can explore a prehistoric world, learning about different species and their habitats, making it an educational and thrilling experience for dinosaur enthusiasts of all ages.

Height requirement: 

  • Minimum- 0.90m - 2ft 11in
  • Maximum- 1.25m - 4ft 1in
Boulevard Express

Boulevard Express is a family-friendly train ride that takes guests on a scenic tour through IMG Worlds of Adventure. This charming ride offers panoramic views of the park's various themed zones, providing a relaxing and enjoyable way to explore the attractions and immerse in the vibrant atmosphere.

Height requirement:

  • Minimum- 0.90m - 2ft 11in
Adventure Fortress

Adventure Fortress is an exciting obstacle course designed for adventurers of all ages. It features rope bridges, climbing walls, and tunnels, challenging guests to navigate through various physical activities. This interactive experience promotes teamwork and physical fitness, ensuring fun and excitement for the whole family.

Height requirement: 

  • Minimum- 1.05m - 3ft 5in
  • Maximum- 2.08m - 6ft 10in

Things to Do in IMG World of Adventure

Enjoy Rides

IMG Worlds of Adventure is a top-rated indoor theme park, offering immersive thrills for the whole family. From roaming dinosaurs to becoming Ironman and experiencing the excitement of raptor flight, there is something for everyone. Unleash your imagination and explore our thrilling rides, using our ride filter to find the perfect fit.

IMG Worlds of Adventure is the go-to destination for roller coaster enthusiasts, featuring the largest roller coaster rides in Dubai, including the famed Velociraptor and Predator in Lost Valley. IMG rides are designed to provide a bone-chilling experience and leave you with unforgettable memories.

With different adventure zones such as Marvel, Lost Valley, Cartoon Network, IMG Boulevard, Haunted Hotel, IMG Kids Zone, and Novo Cinemas, IMG Worlds of Adventure is the ultimate destination for fun and excitement.

Enjoy Food at Restaurants

Experience the ultimate dining adventure with your favorite Cartoon Network or MARVEL characters at IMG World of Adventure. Savour delicious meals prepared by expert chefs using only the freshest ingredients at IMG Restaurants. Enjoy watching dinosaurs in their natural habitat while sharing a meal with your family.

Dubai is renowned for its luxury, and IMG World of Adventure offers fine dining experiences in magical locations, making it the perfect place to share a meal with your loved ones. Immerse yourself in the world of your favorite characters while relishing the finest meals.

Famous Dining Options: Tony’s Skydeck, Chang’s Golden Dragon, Downtown Shawarma, Hotdog Express, CN Feast, Spice Valley, 360 Express, Samosa House, Boulevard Gourmet, and Waffles on Wheels.

Go for Shopping

What could be a better way to cherish the memories of the fun-filled day spent at IMG Worlds of Adventure than taking home a souvenir? With an exclusive range of themed merchandise and branded goods featuring all your favourite SuperHeroes and cartoon characters, the retail stores at IMG Worlds of Adventure take the immersive shopping experience to an entirely new level.

You can even buy presents for your loved ones that they will never forget. So, why not visit the retail stores and check out their exciting collection before you leave?

Watch Movies at Novo Cinemas

Novo Cinemas, a leading cinema company in the Middle East, has a flagship location at IMG Worlds of Adventure in Dubai. This ultra-modern IMG World cinema boasts 12 screens, futuristic and cosmic in design, with over 5,000 meters of LED strip lighting in customized colors, providing an Instagram-worthy experience.

Cinephiles can indulge in the IMAX® with Laser Experience, three VIP screens featuring Novo's famous 7-Star service, a private lounge with a dedicated fine dining menu and personal butler service, fully reclined leather reclining seats with pillows and blankets.

Additionally, the massive IMAX® theatre can serve as a multi-purpose venue, ideal for hosting corporate events and meetings, with seating for 360 guests, a screen of 24.4 x 13.8 meters, immersive audio, 12-channel sound technology, and a state-of-the-art 4K laser projection system.

IMG World of Adventure Combo Tickets

Yas Waterworld + IMG Worlds of Adventure Tickets

Indulge in a respite from your everyday routine with this bundled ticket, granting you access to IMG Worlds of Adventure in Dubai and Yas Waterworld in Abu Dhabi! Uncover astonishing themed zones, partake in 22 exhilarating rides and roller coasters, and mingle with beloved cartoon characters at IMG Worlds.

Plus, triumph over the scorching heat alongside your family at Yas Waterworld, boasting 40 aquatic rides spanning four varying levels of excitement. Seize the opportunity presented by these IMG Worlds of Adventure tickets to experience two captivating attractions at a discounted rate.

IMG Worlds of Adventure Tickets + Burj Khalifa at the Top

Experience breathtaking panoramic vistas of the Dubai skyline from the 124th and 125th levels of the Burj Khalifa, all while relishing a warm beverage at The Cafe. Your entrance ticket also grants you access to Dubai's largest theme park, IMG World of Adventures, boasting four immersive themed zones and an array of 22 exhilarating rides and roller coasters.

This all-inclusive IMG Worlds of Adventure ticket not only ensures remarkable savings in terms of both time and money but also offers the chance to explore two of Dubai's most renowned and beloved attractions in one seamless adventure.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi + IMG Worlds of Adventure Tickets

Experience double the excitement with combo IMG World tickets, allowing you to explore both Ferrari World and IMG Worlds of Adventure in a single day. Encounter beloved superheroes and cartoon characters, delight in a collection of 22 thrilling rides and roller coasters, and discover the wonders of four Epic Adventure Zones at IMG Worlds of Adventure.

Moreover, at Ferrari World, delve into a functional Ferrari factory, engage in go-kart racing, and brave the exhilarating Formula Rossa ride. Embrace the ultimate fusion of entertainment with a value-packed ticket, ensuring a day filled with unparalleled joy and thrills.

IMG World Tickets + Dubai Miracle Garden Tickets

Unlock an adrenaline-packed adventure and bask in the breathtaking floral marvels of Dubai Miracle Garden, all with a single, cost-effective ticket. Experience the rush of 22 exhilarating rides, exchange waves with beloved cartoon characters, and navigate through four captivating zones within IMG Worlds of Adventure.

Additionally, be enchanted by the sight of over 50 million vibrant blooms meticulously arranged into enchanting arches and intricate designs, including highlights like the Hearts Passage, Floral Clock, Smurfs Village, Emirates A380, and more at the Miracle Garden. These combined IMG World tickets offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself in two remarkable destinations within a single day.

IMG Worlds of Adventure Tickets + Dubai Frame Tickets

Combine your visit to IMG Worlds of Adventure and Dubai Frame with these cost-effective combo tickets. In the Dubai Frame, see the city's past, present, and future. Enjoy 22 roller coasters and thrill rides at IMG World of Adventures, the world's largest indoor theme park. You'll also get to meet your favorite cartoon characters! It's a great way to save both time and money while visiting two of Dubai's most famous attractions through the combo IMG Worlds of Adventure tickets.

IMG Worlds of Adventure + Ain Dubai Tickets

Visit two of Dubai's most famous sites while saving time and money with this combo IMG World tickets. The Ain Dubai, the World's Largest And Tallest Observation Wheel, offers a 38-minute ride in a spacious air-conditioned shared cabin with unrivaled views of Dubai. Experience four themed zones, 22 rides and roller coasters, and various cartoon characters at the world's largest indoor theme park, IMG World of Adventures, all with the same ticket!

Checkout the YouTube Video Guide on IMG World!

In this captivating YouTube video, we're about to unravel the mysteries and unveil the thrills that await you at IMG World of Adventures in Dubai. Join us as we take you on an IMG guided tour through every exhilarating corner of this colossal indoor theme park.

Our video is your all-access pass to the ultimate IMG World experience. We'll explore each themed zone, introduce you to iconic characters, and showcase the jaw-dropping rides and attractions that make this park a must-visit destination.

Prepare to learn about insider tips, hidden gems, and insider insights that will enhance your visit. Get ready to immerse yourself in IMG World's magic- your lifetime adventure begins here!

Tips for Visiting IMG Worlds Of Adventure

  • Purchase IMG theme park tickets online in advance to save money and avoid long queues.
  • Due to the height restrictions on the rides, one needs to be careful while selecting their rides.
  • Lockers are accessible at the park entry, and it is recommended that you store your bulky bags and valuables there to ensure a hassle-free experience.
  • Consult the shuttle timetable in advance to ensure a convenient trip to the adventure park Dubai.
  • Arrive early to beat the crowds and ensure that you have enough time to experience all rides and attractions of the park.
  • Visit the park on a weekday if feasible. It's significantly less packed than weekends.
  • Before visiting the park, ensure that your camera and/or phone are fully charged.
  • Take food breaks, particularly for children, and ensure that everyone in your group is properly hydrated.

Essential Information About IMG Worlds Dubai

Here is the best information to know before plan your visit to IMG World of Adventure Dubai.

Location & Timings
How to Reach

IMG World Location: E311, Sheik Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, near Arabian Ranches, next to Global Village, City of Arabia, Dubai

Opening Hours of IMG: 12 PM - 10 PM

Detailed about: Opening Hours of IMG

Best Time to Visit to IMG: The best time to visit IMG Worlds of Adventure is in the morning on a working day, which in Dubai is Monday through Thursday, to avoid crowds. Arrive early to avoid the long queues and experience as many rides as possible in a single day. The IMG Worlds of Adventure is open seven days a week, all year; however, weekday and weekend closing times vary.

You can check the IMG World timings on their official website for the most up-to-date information. Additionally, get your IMG theme park tickets in advance to take advantage of skip-the-line access and rapid entry into the park.

Why wait? Plan your visit to IMG

Here are the various transportation options to how to reach IMG World Dubai:

  • By Taxi: The simplest option is to take a direct cab to the park, however, this will be somewhat expensive.
  • By Bus: This theme is located on the E311 bus route, and is located next to the Global village bus stop, making it one of the most convenient modes of transportation.
  • By Car: If arriving by car, follow the directions to the park on the Google map. There is ample free parking available on-site for the convenience of the visitors.
  • By Shuttle: IMG Worlds of Adventure provides a complimentary shuttle service between the park and some of the major hotels in the region.

Read Detailed about: How to Reach IMG

Here are the various IMG Facilities available:

  • At the entrance, you can find storage lockers for conveniently securing your valuables.
  • Complimentary parking is provided to all visitors, except for those opting for paid valet services.
  • If you have any doubts or confusion, Guest Relation counters are conveniently located at both Lost Valley and IMG Boulevard.
  • ATMs are available at the entrance and within the park's entry lobby.
  • For any first aid requirements, the helpful GR officials are always on hand for assistance.
  • Restrooms are easily accessible at various locations: Entrance Lobby, IMG Boulevard, Cartoon Network Zone, Lost Valley Zone, and Marvel Zone. These restrooms also offer family facilities, wheelchair access, and baby changing rooms.

Read detailed about: Facilities at IMG world

Checkout the rules and regulations of IMG for a secure visit:

1. The following visitors are advised to avoid the attractions:

  • Those who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Those who are in poor health, pregnant, or have a medical history of heart, back or neck problems, including cardiovascular problems or high blood pressure.
  • Those who have recently undergone surgery or have recently been unwell, as the motion of the ride or attraction may aggravate their condition.
  • Children who are unable to walk or sit upright unaided. Babies are not permitted to be held by other riders.

2. The IMG World of Adventures, Dubai doesn’t guarantee the availability of any ride or attractions.

3. No outside food and drinks are allowed inside the park.

4. The park restrictions are set based on height and not age and all the guests are expected to strictly abide by the rules.

Detailed about: Rules and Regulations of IMG

FAQ's Of IMG Worlds Dubai

Where can I book IMG World tickets?

You have the option of obtaining your tickets at IMG's physical counter or conveniently booking them online through trusted partners like ours. Opting for online booking can help you avoid wasting time in long ticket lines and instead, fully immerse yourself in thrilling adventures. Secure your IMG tickets online, skip the lines, and even enjoy attractive discounts.

Do my IMG Worlds of Adventure tickets include skip-the-line entry?

Skip-the-line entry is not automatically included in standard IMG Worlds of Adventure tickets. For priority access to each ride at the park, you would need to book specific fast track access tickets. These specialized tickets can significantly reduce your waiting time by up to 4 hours, providing you with the opportunity to experience more rides and attractions during your visit.

What are the different types of IMG tickets available?

There are a number of IMG World Dubai ticket options from which you can choose, such as fast-track IMG combos tickets, admission tickets, unlimited rides tickets, and more. You can select the option that suits you best according to your preferences and budget.

How many rides are there in IMG world?

IMG World of Adventure Dubai is home to over 20 exhilarating rides across its seven adventure zones. Some of the most popular rides include the Velociraptor roller coaster in the Lost Valley, the Spider-Man Doc Ock's Revenge ride in the Marvel zone, and the Ben 10 5D cinema experience in the Cartoon Network zone. To experience the thrill of these rides and more, visitors can purchase IMG World Dubai tickets online in advance at discounted rates.

How can I find the best deal on IMG adventure world Dubai tickets?

If you're looking for the best deal on IMG World of Adventure tickets, we recommend checking our website for the latest offers and promotions. You can also purchase IMG tickets in advance to save money and avoid long queues at the ticket counter. We regularly update our IMG Worlds of Adventure deals, including combo packages that offer discounted rates for multiple attractions. Keep an eye out for special holiday deals and limited-time offers as well. Our goal is to provide our visitors with the best IMG World of Adventure ticket price and the most memorable experience at the park.

What are the benefits of booking IMG world tickets online?

Booking IMG World tickets online has several benefits. You can avoid long queues and save time by purchasing tickets in advance. You can also avail of various IMG World ticket offers and deals, which are exclusively available online. Additionally, booking online allows you to compare IMG World of Adventure ticket prices and choose the most affordable option. As an official website, we highly recommend booking IMG World tickets online to ensure a hassle-free experience at the park.

How many zones are there in IMG Worlds Of Adventure?

IMG Worlds of Adventure, an indoor theme park in Dubai, features seven different zones, each with its unique theme and attractions. The zones include Marvel, Lost Valley, Cartoon Network, IMG Boulevard, The Haunted Hotel, IMG Kids Zone, and Novo Cinemas. From heart-pounding roller coasters to live entertainment shows, visitors of all ages can enjoy a variety of thrilling rides, delectable dining options, and fantastic shopping experiences. Whether you're a superhero fan or love cartoon characters, IMG Worlds of Adventure promises an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Is it worth visiting IMG World Dubai?

Yes, visiting IMG World in Dubai is worth it. As the world's largest indoor theme park, it offers a unique blend of entertainment, including themed rides, attractions, and characters from popular franchises. Perfect for families and thrill-seekers, it promises an exciting and immersive experience, making your trip memorable.

Is wheelchair access available at IMG Worlds of Adventure?

Yes, wheelchair access is available at IMG Worlds of Adventure. The park is fully wheelchair accessible, and there are also rental wheelchairs available at the park for visitors to use. These can be reserved in advance by purchasing IMG Worlds of Adventure tickets online. Additionally, there are accessible restrooms located throughout the park to ensure visitors with disabilities have a comfortable experience at IMG Worlds of Adventure.

Is storage facility available at IMG Dubai?

Yes, storage facilities are available at IMG Worlds of Adventure Dubai for visitors to keep their belongings safely just at the entrance. Lockers are available in different sizes and can be rented for a nominal fee. You can book the lockers in advance online while purchasing your IMG Worlds of Adventure tickets. This will ensure that you have a locker reserved for you on arrival and save time.

Is there a height restriction for rides at IMG Dubai?

Yes, there are height restrictions for rides at IMG World of Dubai. The restrictions vary depending on the ride, and for safety reasons, they are strictly enforced. To avoid disappointment on the day of your visit, it is recommended to check the height restrictions beforehand. You can find this information on the official IMG Worlds of Adventure website, or when purchasing your IMG World Dubai tickets online.

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What is the best time to visit the IMG Worlds of Adventure?

The IMG Worlds of Adventure in Dubai can get crowded during peak hours. To avoid the crowds and long queues, it's best to arrive early in the morning or later in the evening. These times usually have fewer visitors, so you can enjoy the attractions and rides with less waiting time. Also, check out the latest IMG World offers and discounts on IMG World Dubai tickets before your visit to save money.

How can I get to IMG Worlds?

IMG Worlds is located in Dubai, UAE, and can be easily reached by various modes of transportation from the city centre. It is 26 km from the city centre and will take 20 min via Al Ain - Dubai Road/E66 route. You can also take a bus from the nearest bus station, which is about 30 minutes away from the park. To avoid any inconvenience, it is advisable to book IMG World Dubai tickets in advance and check the schedule and timings of public transport beforehand.

How far is IMG Dubai from Abu Dhabi?

IMG Worlds of Adventure is situated in Dubai, which is about 120 kilometres away from Abu Dhabi. The distance between the two cities can be covered in approximately 1.5 hours by car, depending on traffic conditions. Visitors can either take a taxi, drive their own car, or opt for public transportation to reach the park. 

What type of F&B outlets does the park offer?

IMG Worlds of Adventure Dubai offers visitors a diverse range of food and beverage outlets to choose from. With seven different zones in the park, including Marvel, Lost Valley, Cartoon Network, IMG Boulevard, the Haunted Hotel, IMG Kids Zone, and Novo Cinemas, there is something to suit every taste. From quick bites to fine dining experiences, visitors can choose from a variety of options, including fast-food chains, cafes, restaurants, and street food stalls. Additionally, visitors can find halal food options throughout the park.

What are the best hotels to stay near IMG Worlds Dubai?

Here are some hotels near IMG Worlds of Adventure that are generally well-regarded:

  • The Lapita, Dubai Parks and Resorts, Autograph Collection: Located within Dubai Parks and Resorts, this hotel offers a convenient location and features a Polynesian theme.
  • Premier Inn Dubai Ibn Battuta Mall: Situated near Ibn Battuta Mall, this hotel is a short drive from IMG Worlds Dubai and provides comfortable accommodations.
  • Ghaya Grand Hotel: This 5-star hotel is located in the International Media Production Zone (IMPZ), which is in close proximity to IMG Worlds Dubai.
  • Premier Inn Dubai Investment Park: Another Premier Inn property, this hotel is situated in Dubai Investment Park and offers a convenient location for visitors to IMG Worlds Dubai.
  • Park Inn by Radisson Dubai Motor City: Located in Motor City, this hotel is a short distance from IMG Worlds Dubai and offers modern amenities.

Remember to check the latest reviews, availability, and prices for these hotels before making your reservation, as conditions may change over time.

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What are the best restaurants near IMG World Dubai?

Here are a few restaurants near IMG Worlds of Adventure that are generally well-regarded:

  • The Market Restaurant & Café: Located within IMG Worlds Dubai, this restaurant offers a variety of international cuisines and a vibrant atmosphere.
  • Chez Sushi: Situated in the nearby Motor City area, Chez Sushi serves up delicious sushi and other Japanese-inspired dishes.
  • Qbara: This stylish restaurant is known for its modern Middle Eastern cuisine and elegant ambiance. It is located in Dubai's Financial Center area, which is a short drive from IMG Worlds Dubai.
  • Ibn AlBahr: If you're a seafood lover, Ibn AlBahr is worth considering. This restaurant, situated in Club Vista Mare on the Palm Jumeirah, offers a menu filled with fresh seafood dishes and has a relaxed beachfront setting.

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