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Zones of IMG Worlds of Adventure

IMG Worlds of Adventure, the biggest indoor theme park ever built, is based in Dubai and adds yet another commendable milestone to the metropolis. It is packed with interactive attractions, themed rides, and epic zones, all themed after our favourite MARVEL superheroes and Cartoon Network characters. With IMG tickets, you can enjoy the coolest indoor theme park without worrying about huge lines. Without having to stand in line, you may watch the Hulk battle dangerous opponents, aid Ben in taking down Khyber the Huntsman and help The Powerpuff Girls save their home Townsville. You can also attend the many live events that happen frequently with your IMG tickets.

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Take a look at superhero stories if you're wondering why everyone is so fascinated with IMG World Marvels. They serve as a reminder that humanity contains a good aspect. One of the most important justifications is that superhero stories or films remind us that we all have a part of us that is good. The Zones in IMG are created in such a way that you will feel like you are a part of the Marvel world. You'll be awestruck when you step into the Marvel Zones at IMG Worlds of Adventure if you have come to visit for the first time or have come to nurture your die-hard love for the Marvel Universe. The visitor can enjoy the Marvel-themed experience on rides like the Avengers Battle of Ultron and many more. You can also buy Marvel items as a souvenir of this wonderful time you had with your Marvel heroes back home.

Lost Valley

Dinosaur movies have been a major part of our childhood. The sense of adventure, horror, and excitement that movies provide to the large screen is loved by just about everyone leaving behind the curiosity about what it would be like to be around them. Dinosaurs are popular among children, and parents who have followed the series always wish to take their kids to dinosaur parks and participate in the excitement. There is no better place than the Lost Valley in Zones at IMG Worlds of Adventure to explore this imaginary world. All across the zone, there are a variety of dinosaur-themed activities, coasters, and restaurants. Everything is designed in a way to reflect the Lost Valley dinosaur adventure at every corner. The Forbidden Territory and Predator are among the IMG Worlds of Adventure lost valley that bring the best adventure to life. So make sure you book your IMG tickets and live this experience.

Cartoon Network

Cartoons hold an enchanting allure for children, capturing their attention with animated characters and lively antics. Even as adults, we share in their fascination. At IMG Worlds of Adventure, the Cartoon Network Zone brings these beloved characters to life. From Mojo Jojo to Powerpuff Girls, the cartoon world springs to reality, captivating both kids and people of all ages. Immerse yourself in themed restaurants, stores brimming with character memorabilia, engaging games, and countless delights. This wonderland redefines entertainment for everyone at IMG World Cartoon Network Zone.

IMG Boulevard

The park's dynamic, welcoming zone, Boulevard, provides a fascinating blend of comfort and exhilarating attractions for adventurers of all ages. This center zone provides hours of unlimited fun with interactive activities, large shopping outlets, and a different food variety. There is Samosa House which is a simple Indian street food restaurant that combines the fine culture of samosa and chai to life, delighting the senses and providing entertainment for the whole family. The Popcorn Factory is a must-see Zones at IMG Worlds of Adventure, with its numerous kinds of popcorn, sweet delicacies, and a wonderful display kitchen. There are many such places like the Coffeehouse, which is the ideal spot that provides a relaxed environment that eases anxiety, thanks to its calming ambiance. There are Flavours of Arabia if you wish to enjoy an extraordinary and smart eating experience.

The Haunted Hotel

Of course, people have amused themselves with scary stories for generations, but haunted homes are unique. They are inextricably linked to the festival that propelled them to cultural significance. Haunted homes provide a safe environment for guests to be spooked. When you know you're not in any danger; they're a lot more enjoyable. Zones in IMG have developed a unique concept of Haunted Hotel, which is beyond your imagination. Among the zones is a Haunted Hotel, so if you are brave enough, you should definitely try this place. You get to explore a network of hallways and shifting landscapes while experiencing a variety of creepy figures set against a frightful background. You need to maintain your calm while you search for a way out. Without a doubt, this is the scariest form of virtual entertainment you will ever see. The IMG Worlds of Adventure Haunted Hotel is exclusively designed for individuals aged 15 and above. Visitors falling within the 15 to 18 age range must present a valid identity card to access this spine-chilling experience.

IMG Kids Zone

When we mention "Kids Zone," we're referring to a space that is bustling with activity, games, and delicious cuisine. Outings fascinate kids, and they like visiting numerous kid's zones, which are jam-packed with games and adventurous activities. It has a variety of games and activities for people of all ages that may be performed alone or in groups. Parents may stay in the children's zone and watch their children have a great time participating in various activities. Football pitch, slides, climbing walls, a sweeper game, and a variety of other activities await enthusiastic thrill-seekers. Kids Zone gives kids the opportunity to have a blast like never before while exploring the soft and fun world of bouncy playgrounds. Such a kids' zone is a vital place for children to learn about the natural world, socialise with family and friends, exercise, and acquire new abilities.

Novo Cinemas

Novo Cinemas, nestled within IMG Worlds of Adventure, proudly stands as the Middle East's largest and most frequented theatre network. With a rich legacy of cinematic firsts and a passion for films, Novo captures the essence of movie magic. It has evolved beyond mere viewing, becoming a hub for discussion, contribution, celebration, and interaction. Offering an array of experiences, including 2D, 3D, MX4D, IMAX with Laser, and lavish 7-Star VIP suites, Novo brings films to life. Beyond movies, it serves as a versatile venue for business gatherings and meetings. Young ones can revel in lively birthday celebrations, while private lounges, gourmet meals, butler service, and plush, reclining leather chairs with pillows and blankets enhance the in-theatre entertainment. Novo Cinema IMG World offers an all-encompassing cinema experience, leaving lasting memories for every patron.

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Why is IMG World of adventure so famous?

Visitors from all around the world will enjoy the thrills of six huge adventure zones all in one place at this mega-themed entertainment attraction spread over 1.5 million square feet. The IMG World of Adventure has a unique collection of exciting roller coasters, thrill rides, and nerve-wracking attractions themed on famous Cartoon Network characters, iconic MARVEL Super Heroes, and hair-raising dinosaurs and can welcome more than 20,000 customers every day. The IMG Group's original concepts include IMG Boulevard, the Lost Valley of Dinosaur Adventure, the Haunted Hotel, and the IMG Kids Zone.

Where is IMG Worlds located?

Dubai is home to IMG Worlds, which is the world's largest indoor theme and entertainment park.

How many rides are there in IMG Worlds of Adventure?

The park features 17 themed rides, some of which are exclusive to IMG Worlds of Adventures and can only be found there.

What is the best way to reach the IMG Worlds of Adventure?

The best ways to reach the IMG Worlds of Adventure are as follows-

  • Al Ghubaiba Metro Bus Stop- 01 is located 132 meters away and takes 3 minutes to walk.
  • Ghubaiba Bus Station- 07 is located 556 meters away and takes 8 minutes to walk.
  • Ghubaiba Bus Station- 08 is located 565 meters away and takes 8 minutes to walk.
  • Baniyas Square Metro Station is 613 meters away, and it takes 9 minutes to walk there.

Can I book my IMG World tickets online?

Yes, you can book your IMG World tickets online. With online booking, you can avoid long queues and save yourself time to enjoy a hassle-free adventure.

What are the different types of IMG tickets available?

There are different ticket types of IMG tickets available, including annual passes, fast track IMG tickets, etc. These tickets are available for visitors to select based on their convenience.

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What is the age restriction to visit IMG Worlds of Adventure?

IMG Worlds of Adventure requires children under the age of 12 to be accompanied by an adult aged 18 or older at all times. IMG Worlds of Adventure is free to those under the height of 1.05 meters.

How much time is enough to visit the IMG world of adventure?

You might need 5-6 hours to visit the IMG world of adventure. Since there are so many rides available at the IMG world of adventure, you will need time to explore all of them.


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