Halloween Horror at IMG Worlds of Adventure

Halloween Horror at IMG Worlds

IMG Worlds of Adventure transforms into a spooky wonderland during Halloween Horror Nights, an annual event that takes place during the month of October. Featuring a number of mazes, scary zones, and shows that are sure to leave you feeling dreadful and thrilled all at once, the spectacular event is one of the most popular events of the theme park. The specifically curated spooky rides and haunted attractions make up the major highlight of the event, and offer a significant adventure with your loved ones. Some of the mazes in the past have been The Haunted Hotel, Asylum, and The Carnival of Carnage, which are intricately detailed with frightening scenes and ghostly music. 

You can enter numerous zones including The Haunted Circus, The Apocalypse, and The Awakening; and immerse in the intriguing yet petrifying adventure. These binding zones have live actors, special effects, and spooky decorations that set the mood for Halloween, like the giant cobwebs, dark tunnels, suspense stories and hanging creepy characters. 

Book you ticket for the Halloween fun, to enter the stunning world of supernatural characters!

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Why Visit Halloween Horror at IMG Worlds?

Book your Halloween Horror at IMG Worlds of Adventure online with us for assured entry and skip-the-line access. You can pick your preferred time slot for the event, from the comfort of your home well in advance and avail the numerous discounts available. With 24/7 assistance and an easy interface, you can conveniently enter the world of the spookiest adventure and thrill and get to enter the world of Zombies and Pumpkins. 

At the Halloween Horror of IMG Worlds of Adventure, you get to partake in various rides designed in accordance to the theme of the event. In addition, you can get a spine-chilling experience of being around ghosts, blooded characters, and frightening monsters all at once. Enter Dracula’s tunnel with hanging skeletons, spooky décor of cobwebs, graveyards, tombstones and more at the Festival of Fright and Halloween celebration.

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Halloween Horror Events at IMG Worlds

Festival of Fright

The Festival of Fright is an annual event at IMG Worlds of Adventure that takes place during Halloween night. During this event, the park is transformed into a spooky wonderland with Halloween decorations, scary music, and terrifying experiences. You can enjoy a range of haunted attractions, including mazes, haunted houses, and scary zones. Some of the popular attractions include the kids shows, special rides designed according to the theme, trick or treats for a truly frightening experience. You can also get to see the Marvel Heroes and Cartoon Network characters, through their interactive and fascinating appearances. Roam around to witness the live zombies roaming through the park, while immersing in the best Halloween tracks for the best time with family. The haunted parade along with a flash mob at this special events, can transport you to a scary and haunted world.

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Halloween Celebration

The Halloween Celebration at IMG Worlds of Adventure is a theme-based event of spooky and haunted fun that takes place during the Halloween season. During this month-long event, you can roam around the forbidden wasteland and old tombstones to encounter the vampires, monsters, and zombies. With so much going around, you can dress up in the scariest costume and live your most dreadful nightmares, through its various attractions. You can enjoy this unusual event, with traditional dance performances, spine-chilling stories, terrifying mazes, and man-hunt entertainment through dark tunnels. At every nook and corner, you can get to see the view of graveyards, frightening skulls and pumpkins scattered all around. In addition, the perfect cobwebs, hanging bats, bloody handprints, and ghosts add to the thrilling fun of this popular event.

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Tips to Visit IMG Worlds of Adventure

  • Dress appropriately: 

Wear comfortable shoes and dress appropriately for the occasion. Also, make sure you carry layers and a jacket, as it gets a little cold in the evening.

  • Arrive early: 

Try to arrive at the park early to avoid long lines and crowds. 

  • Buy tickets in advance: 

Purchase your IMG World tickets online in advance to avoid long lines at the ticket booths, and get an assured entry at this amazing Halloween Horror at IMG Worlds of Adventure

  • Know the schedule: 

It is recommended to know the schedule of events before you go, so as to ensure that you don't miss any of the haunted houses or scary zones for an ultimate thrill.

  • Relish a scrumptious meal:

During the festival, it is recommended to have the mouth watering delights offered by the numerous restaurants inside the attraction, for hydration and recharge.

  • Treats and Discounts:

Make sure you avail the numerous discounts, ghoulish treats, while you find the most impressive merchandise at the retail stores of the park. 

  • Rules and Regulations:

Try following the rules and guidelines provided by the park for the particular event to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

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When does the Halloween Horror event take place?

The Halloween Horror event takes place annually during the month of October, typically starting in the last week of September and ending in the early November. There is a unique event called Festival of Fright, which is celebrated on Halloween for a day. 

Are the haunted houses included in the regular admission ticket or do they require a separate ticket?

The haunted houses are included in the regular admission ticket for the park during the Halloween Horror event. You can experience all of the haunted houses and scare zones with the regular admission tickets, but to club other experiences you can club your admission ticket with other attractions as well. 

Is there a special dress code for Halloween Horror?

No, there are no special costumes or dress code for the special Halloween Horror event of IMG World of Adventure. Though, it is recommended to wear comfortable clothing and shoes that are appropriate for walking and standing in lines. You can also wear thematic clothes as per the vibes and occasion, to fully immerse in the amazing Halloween show.

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Is it worth visiting the IMG World of Adventure during Halloween Horror?

Yes, it is worth visiting the IMG World of Adventure during the Halloween horror to indulge in one of the spookiest fun attractions. You can trick, treat, and watch the roaming zombies while grooving to the DJ Bliss, who plays the chartbusters suiting the vibe and ambience of the whole park. In addition, the culinary delights at the restaurants and retail stores, make it a wholesome event for people of all ages. 


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