How to Reach IMG Worlds of Adventure

How To Go To IMG World

IMG Worlds of Adventure is located at E311 Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, City of Arabia, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. If you are wondering how to reach IMG Worlds of Adventure, you can either use the various public transport options available in Dubai or you can drive down there in your own car.

By Car

Getting to IMG Worlds of Adventure by car is a convenient choice for those who prefer driving. The park is situated on E311 (Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road), making it easily accessible from anywhere in Dubai. Upon arrival, visitors can use the designated entrance and find ample parking space in the vast parking lot. Please note that parking is chargeable, but the fee is reasonable, and there are multiple payment options available, including cash, credit card, and the mobile app. To save on parking costs, visitors can take advantage of discounts by booking IMG Dubai tickets in advance. However, it's essential to be mindful of potential traffic congestion on E311, especially during peak hours, and plan your travel accordingly.

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By Taxi

Travelling to IMG World of Adventure by taxi is a convenient option for those who prefer to avoid the hassle of driving and parking. Taxis are widely available in Dubai, and visitors can easily flag one down from any location. The journey to IMG World of Adventure from central Dubai takes around 30 minutes by taxi, depending on traffic conditions. Taxis in Dubai are metered and fares are regulated by the government. The cost of a taxi ride to IMG World of Adventure will depend on the distance travelled and time of day, with higher rates applied during peak hours. Visitors should ensure that the taxi driver uses the metre and confirms the fare before starting the journey. It is also advisable to carry small changes as some taxi drivers may not have sufficient change.

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By Public Transport

Public transport is an affordable and convenient option to reach IMG World of Adventure. The nearest metro station to the park is the UAE Exchange Metro Station, which is located on the Red Line. From there, visitors can take a taxi or the F55 bus route that will drop them at the doorstep of the park. The F55 bus route operates from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm every day and runs every 30 minutes. Dubai's public transport network also includes the RTA buses, which are an excellent option for those travelling on a budget. The RTA bus number 106 travels directly to IMG World of Adventure from the Mall of the Emirates. Visitors can also take the RTA bus number 102 from the Ibn Battuta Metro Station and get off at Global Village. From there, they can take a taxi to the park.

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By Shuttle Bus

Visitors to IMG Worlds of Adventure can also opt to take the shuttle bus to the park, which is a convenient and affordable option. The shuttle service operates from various locations in Dubai, including major hotels, and drops visitors off directly at the entrance of the park. The shuttle bus service is operated by Arabian Adventures, a reputable tour operator in Dubai. The shuttle bus service runs throughout the day, and visitors can choose from multiple pick-up times and locations. The cost of the shuttle service varies depending on the pick-up location, with prices starting from AED 60 per person. Booking the shuttle service in advance is recommended to ensure availability and avoid any delays on the day of the visit.

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IMG Worlds of Adventure Tickets

IMG World of Adventure Tickets
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Know Before You Go to IMG World

Best Time to Visit
Tips to Visit
Essential Information

The best time to visit IMG World of Adventure is during the cooler months of the year, between November and March, when the temperatures are comfortable and ideal for outdoor activities. The park is also less crowded during this time, making it easier to enjoy the attractions and avoid long lines.

However, if you prefer warmer weather, you can visit during the summer months of June to August, but be prepared for the heat and humidity. It is also the peak tourist season, so the park can get crowded, and waiting times for rides can be longer.

Weekdays are generally less crowded than weekends, so plan your visit accordingly. Also, try to arrive early in the morning when the park opens to make the most of your visit and avoid the afternoon rush.

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  • Book tickets in advance to avoid long queues at the entrance.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes suitable for amusement parks.
  • Apply sunscreen and bring a hat to protect from the sun.
  • Carry a water bottle to stay hydrated.
  • Follow the IMG Worlds rules and regulations for a safe and enjoyable experience.
  • Plan your visit during weekdays to avoid crowds and long wait times.
  • Consider purchasing the Fast Track tickets for popular attractions.
  • Don't forget to check the show timings and schedule your visit accordingly.
  • Carry cash or card for food and shopping purchases.
  • Take breaks between rides to avoid exhaustion and fatigue

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Opening Hours of IMG Worlds Dubai

  • Sunday - Thursday: 12 pm to 10 pm
  • Friday - Saturday: 12 pm to 11 pm

IMG World of Adventure Dubai Location

  • City of Arabia - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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What is the best way to reach IMG Worlds of Adventure?

The best way to reach IMG Worlds of Adventure is through a private car or taxi, as it provides a comfortable and direct mode of transport. However, public transport such as the Dubai Metro and bus services are also available and can be a convenient option for those looking for a more affordable means of transportation.

How far is IMG Worlds of Adventure from Dubai city center?

IMG Worlds of Adventure is located around 25 kilometres from Dubai city centre. The travel time can range from 30 to 45 minutes by car.

Is it safe to travel to IMG Worlds of Adventure at night?

While it is generally safe to travel to IMG Worlds of Adventure at night, it is recommended to plan your visit during the daytime hours to enjoy the full experience of the park.

How long does it take to reach IMG Worlds of Adventure by car?

The travel time from Dubai city centre to IMG Worlds of Adventure by car can vary depending on the traffic conditions. On average, it takes around 30-40 minutes to reach the park by car.

Can we book private transport to reach IMG Worlds of Adventure?

Yes, it is possible to book private transport services such as rental cars or private taxis to reach IMG Worlds of Adventure. These services can be pre-booked online or can be arranged through the hotel where you are staying.

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Are there any parking facilities available at IMG Worlds of Adventure?

Ample parking facilities are available at IMG World, Dubai for both cars and buses. Visitors can avail of the parking services free of charge.

What are the adventure zones at IMG Worlds of Adventure?


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